National trusts and preservation societies

Thank you for being a part of this 3rd Caribbean Heritage Conference!

On behalf of the Monuments Platform, consisting of the Curaçao Monuments Foundation, the Curaçao Monument Fund Foundation and several other partners, we welcome you to the 3rd Caribbean Conference of National Trust & Preservation Societies.

As this year Willemstad is celebrating 20 years of being represented on the UNESCO World Heritage list, we are proud to mark this memorable occasion, with – among other activities – this 3rd Heritage Conference, at which information may be shared among all involved in the preservation of our heritage in the Caribbean and beyond.

During the conference many relevant and compelling topics related to heritage reuse and preservation will be explored. The main topics of the conference will be presented by renowned international and local speakers and include;

1. Opening keynote by Gustavo Araoz on cooperation through ICOMOS
2. Underwater and maritime heritage and its impact on societies – keynote by Peggy Leshikar – Denton
3. The importance of branding and marketing of heritage – keynote by Vincent Vanderpool – Wallace
4. Financing heritage preservation – keynote by Michael de Sola
5. Adaptive re-use of built heritage – keynotes by Arno Boon and Victor Marín Crespo

We have over 140 professionals from the Caribbean region, the USA and Europe in attendance at the conference. Emphasizing the importance of heritage and its conservation, we aim at bringing together stakeholders, heritage professionals, enthusiasts and societies to share knowledge & experiences during these three days.

We hope that the content of the presentations, as well as the varied social program will contribute to the exchange of ideas and help build stronger bonds of cooperation between our different territories, fields, professions and organizations.

Thank you for being a part of this 3rd Caribbean Heritage Conference!

For more information, speakers and the complete schedule:

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